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作者: Steve Wallace

發布日期: 2015 / 2 / 19,






1. Pathogenic gram-negative bacteria possess traits that enable them to thrive in a host.




2. Using ANOVA enables determining significant differences in the perceptions of consumers based on their demographic characteristics.


(在此句中,enable比allow更適合使用。當使用allow 時,是需要被允許的意味,然而在此句中,enable 直指使用ANOVA有能力讓研究者產生結果。)


3. Computer-assisted language learning can help students in applying vocabulary in a low-stress environment.




4. Integrating diverse techniques can facilitate managing the progress of business domain architectures.




5. The in situ hybridization procedure demonstrates localization of the mRNA for each neurotrophin.




6. Several studies have reported aspartoacylase deficiency in the brain tissue and skin fibroblast cultures of 3 children with Canavan’s disease.




7. Our findings prove that ambulatory surgery is effective in elderly patients.


(Prove是非常明確且強烈的動詞,建議小心使用。在此句中,不建議使用 show,此字常被濫用,其他的替代動詞有demonstrate、indicate和confirm。)


8. The graph in Figure 3 illustrates the correlation between birth weight and parental height.




9. Patients who presented with chest pain or acute episodes of asthma were excluded from this retrospective study.


(在此句的脈絡中,present的使用方式為不及物;因此,were presented with在醫學脈絡中是不適當的。此外,presented與「診斷出」were diagnosed with意思不同)。


10. The decision variable represents new stock that does not perish in the single-period model.


(Represent在很多情況中,可有效代替已過度使用的is和stand for,大多用來解釋等式中的變數。)


11. Students who exhibited self-destructive behavior were assessed on a different scale.




12. The interviews revealed that taking temperature and collecting specimens were the least time-consuming tasks performed by the nurses.




13. Compression is an important topic in image processing.


(Important是極為常見的修飾詞。作者應視文章的脈絡,適時地將important幾改成另一個更具體的修飾詞。以此句為例,可以以 relevant 或是 highly relevant 來取代 important。)


14. Although oxygen is vital to the life of multicellular, eukaryotic organisms, an excess amount of oxygen (i.e., hyperoxia) is toxic to normal cells and organs.




15. Switching from exports to foreign direct investments is a crucial decision for some international firms.





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