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雙字詞 (擇一即可)

mutual agreement (agreement) future prospects (prospects)
consensus of opinion (consensus) reconsider again (reconsider)
whether or not (whether) inadvertent error (error)


加強詞、限定詞 (省略或加上特定細節)

very really
extremely definitely
a considerable amount of to a certain extent


詞彙短語 (改用單一字或可省略)

for the purpose of (to) due to the fact that (because)
at this point in time (now) in the near future (soon)
with regard to (about) in view of the fact that (because)
as the case may be (—) Basically, . . . (—)


意思籠統的字詞 (有時可省略)

aspect field quality
case kind situation
fact matter sort
factor nature thing
feature problem type


弱句 A surprising aspect of most labor negotiations is their friendly quality.
修改句 Most labor negotiations are surprisingly friendly.
弱句 The fact of the war had the effect of causing many changes.
修改句 The war caused many changes.


累贅動詞 (使用單一動詞)

to have an expectation, hope, wish, understanding, etc.
較佳選擇:to expect, hope, wish, understand, etc.
to make an arrangement, plan, decision, inquiry, acquisition, etc.
較佳選擇:to arrange, plan, decide, inquire, acquire, etc.


非必要的「 to be 」和「 being (可省略)

弱句 The program is considered to be effective.
修改句 The program is considered effective. 或 The program is effective.
弱句 because of the terrain being rough
修改句 because of the rough terrain


被動語態 (改為主動語態,並加上主詞)

弱句 It is felt that an exercise program should be attempted by this patient before any surgery is performed.
修改句 The patient should attempt an exercise program before surgery.
修改句 I recommend that the patient attempt an exercise program before surgery.
改進後 Mr. Chen, please do these exercises every day for six weeks to strengthen your arm muscles before we try any more surgery.
弱句 The computer code is said by most users to be faulty.
修改句 Most users say the computer code is faulty.


不必要的關係子句結構( Who Which That (可省略)

弱句 The novel, which is entitled Ulysses, takes place . . .
修改句 The novel Ulysses takes place . . .
弱句 It was Confucius who said . . .
修改句 Confucius said . . .
弱句 I think that X is the case . . .
修改句 X is the case, as this evidence shows: . . .
弱句 There is a tendency among many writers who may be seen to display certain signs of lack of confidence that their sentenceswill be overloaded with relative clauses and other words which are generally useless in function.
修改句 Many hesitant writers overload their sentences with relative clauses and other useless words.



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