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Editor selection

Our editors are selected according first to their knowledge of a specific domain. We prefer that our editors have a graduate degree and research writing experience in the areas that the papers they edit come from. Although this is not always possible for smaller subfields, we do our best to find an editor who knows the writing style of an author's specific domain. Technical editing skills are rare and difficult to attain, and most of the editors who apply to work at Wallace are not accepted. All of those who do are trained in rewriting and editing Chinese English sentences. We put editors through a rigorous 3-week training program in which their exercises and samples are evaluated by our proofreaders and other editors to ensure they are qualified before they are given a customer's paper. This training process is long, time consuming, ongoing, and necessary for each editor to maintain and guarantee quality.


超過 15,000 名中港台碩博士生與研究人員訂閱

在您收到第一封電子報前,我們先提供給您學術寫作Mega Pack六份電子書到您的信箱,另外您絕對不會收到學術寫作學習文章以外的內容,且可以隨時取消訂閱。

9:00 am ~ 8:00 pm Mon. to Sun.
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