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P O S T – E D I T I N G S E R V I C E S

As specialists in academic editing, we fully understand the research
publication cycle. We understand that our responsibility to help
you publish does not end after one round of editing. This
infographic explains the THREE post-editing services that you can
avail of at any time after the first round of editing. Remember to
mention the original case number in all your communication so
that we can help you faster!

  • Ask our editors questions regarding any of the changes.
  • Respond to questions from our editors.
  • Our editors will edit reasonable revisions (<10% new/revised text) in response to editor queries.
  • Q&A is FREE and UNLIMITED until you are satisfied with edits to the original text

We understand that you may need to make revisions to your text after the first round of editing, especially after the manuscript has been peer reviewed.
We will edit new and/or revised content in your manuscript as follows:
First 20% new/revised test:
Heavily discounted price
Beyond 20%: regular price

Unsatisfied with our edit? Received reviewer comments on low language quality? Please share the file submitted to the journal along with the reviewer comments to us. We'll respond with our findings and next steps on the same working day (if received before noon) or the following working day before noon.


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在您收到第一封電子報前,我們先提供給您學術寫作Mega Pack六份電子書到您的信箱,另外您絕對不會收到學術寫作學習文章以外的內容,且可以隨時取消訂閱。

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