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Journal Submission Service

Understanding submission instructions, writing to journal editors, and using online submission software (most journals use a software tool to manage submissions) can be challenging. Furthermore, all communications must be conducted in English, and communicating with journal editors can add to the stress of having a paper published. We act as a mediator between you and your target journal, speaking English to the editor and Chinese to you to help you submit your manuscript correctly and on time.

Submitting your manuscript to a journal can be time-consuming—time that you can better spend starting a new research project rather than monitoring an old one. Furthermore, even a small mistake or omission when submitting a paper can delay the review and publication of your work. We are experienced submission experts. (See our material on formatting and letters to editors.)

We handle the online submission process for you and work through a 15-step process to ensure that submission delays do not occur. We not only complete your submission forms on the journal website, but also correspond with journal editors.

Our journal submission team will help you with the following:

Before Submission
  • Check your paper and compare it to the journal submission requirements to ensure that it adheres the journal’s style*. This includes both formatting and following guidelines for illustrations (tables, photos, and figures), numbers of keywords, the abstract, the title page, the main text, the manuscript file, and symbols.
  • Inform you of missing elements that may prolong the submission process (e.g., the inclusion of a signed copy of the copyright form, a statement of author contributions, ethical clearance for animal trials, and incorrect formatting).
  • Help you understand any technical requirements that your paper may need to meet (e.g., maximum number of figures and tables and word limit).
  • Assist you with templates for submission letters and revisions for other required documents (e.g., highlights), and help you complete presubmission procedures.

  • Register for an account in your name on the journal website and provide all your professional details.
  • Select your preferred contact email address for journal correspondence. You may select one of two email types when making a submission.
    (1) Use your own email for submission purposes. When you receive an answer from your target journal, forward it to us and we will assist you with subsequent steps.
  • (2) Apply for a new email address and provide us with the user name and password. We will deal with subsequent follow-up and processing.
  • Fill in the online submission form and upload your file in the format and file size required by the journal. We prefer attaching figures separately to allow for easy resizing. We name your file(s) in accordance with the journal's file naming specifications.
  • Write an initial submission cover letter to the editor if necessary. We follow the journal's cover letter template if available.

After Submission
  • Follow the online or offline paper submission process and update you regarding any changes to your paper's status.
  • Help you understand responses from the journal editor.
  • Help you conduct subsequent steps according to journal responses.
  • If we receive no response after 3 months, we send a polite reminder email to the contact window asking about the status of the paper.
  • If we receive no response after 4 months, we send two reminder emails to the contact window and the editor.
  • If we receive no response after 5 months, we send emails to alternative journal editors and support staff until we receive a response regarding the status of your paper.

If Accepted

We manage final copyright agreement and publication charges. (The author pays additional journal publication charges, if any.)

* This service does not include responding to reviewer comments or the following items:

  • Editing/rewriting the manuscript and preparing artwork according to journal guidelines.
  • Responding to reviewer comments.
  • Writing ethics statements or completing patient consent forms or copyright permission forms; however, we will help you understand the requirements and prepare the forms if you provide the necessary information.
  • We cannot guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication using any of our services. The journal submission assistant efficiently monitors your paper's progress, communicating with you in Chinese and the journal editor in native English.

Submission service process

  • Format your article according to the submission requirements of your target journal. At this time, our editors write a submission letter according to the content of your article.
  • Confirm that your article conforms to journal formatting requirements. Remind customers of the documents necessary for submission.
  • Register for a submission account.
  • Customers confirm that the article, image files, and submission letter are correct and upload relevant submission documents to the journal website.
  • On the basis of the journal's reply, we help you complete subsequent necessary procedures.
  • After you revise your article according to the journal editor comments, we confirm that the article to be resubmitted conforms to the journal format and guidelines, and then we upload the draft to the journal's website. We also help with any other documents required for publication (e.g., copyright agreement).
  • The journal submission service does not include formatting. If you would like us to help you format your article, please notify us.