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Artwork Editing Service


Journals may have specific requirements regarding the illustrations and tables. For example, the journal guidelines may stipulate minimum resolution and dimensions for figures and may specify that certain types of line be used (or not used) to separate rows and columns in tables. Moreover, these guidelines may vary with the image type (e.g., photographs vs. line diagrams).


Under the artwork editing service, we can ensure that your figures and tables meet these guidelines! We can make changes pertaining to the resolution, color requirements, dimensions, file size, panels, format, line weights, bit depth, and compression of your artwork as per your target journal requirements. The following table further explains what we cover under this service.


Table Formatting

Inclusions Exclusions
  • Line spacing
  • Style-related changes (Capitalization, Italicization)
  • Font (size, type, etc.)
  • Alignment (internal and external, text and numbers)
  • Excel to Word conversion
  • Conversion from any other format (e.g., image and text only) to the Word table functions format
  • Spacing within the table content (e.g., spacing around mathematical symbols, as is covered under editing)
  • Editing of any type


Figure Formatting

Inclusions Exclusions
  • Resolution
  • File format
  • Labelling of figure panels
  • Placement of figure panels
  • Cropping & Increasing white space
  • Font change for editable text (MS Word, MS PowerPoint etc)
  • Any spacing changes
  • Font change for uneditable text
  • Editing of any type (please use our editing service for editing any text)