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Service Quality Guarantee

The quality of papers edited or translated at Wallace Academic Editing can satisfy the requirements necessary for academic publication in international journals or presentation at symposiums. All articles edited or translated at Wallace come with a quality guarantee (please refer to our 38-item basic submission criteria for international journals).

  • Wallace provides editing certificates
  • If English is not your native language, Wallace recommends that you submit an editing certificate to your target journal during the submission process because when reviewers and editors consider papers submitted by non-native English speakers, they usually recommend that the author review or revise the grammar in their paper—even when the English is perfectly fine. To prevent this, Wallace suggests that you offer an editing certificate when submitting your paper, and we are happy to provide one at your request.

Wallace Quality Control Procedures

If you want our editors to review or edit your edited/translated paper again, please send it back and tell us why you are requesting a re-edit. We will process the case as soon as possible.

  1. If you have modified edited content according to our editors’ suggestions, please mark the modified sections and send the paper back to us. Wallace will have an editor check this for free.
  2. If you are not satisfied with our editing quality, Wallace will send the edited document to the original editor for a second review and ask another editor and the quality control manager to review your paper. If our editors determine that the quality issue results from an editing problem on our part, Wallace will provide free re-editing.
  3. If a paper translated or edited by Wallace is rejected by a journal primarily because of poor English after you have modified the paper according to our editors and translators’ notes, please send the submitted manuscript and the journal reviewers’ comments to us and we will ask the original editor and another editor to evaluate the paper. If our editors determine that we are responsible for editing errors (e.g., inappropriate word choice and grammar mistakes), we will provide you with free re-editing.


  • Our re-editing service only applies to situations in which authors accept all of the changes we have made in their document and address all suggestions made by Wallace’s editors and/or translators before submission. If your paper is rejected after you chose not to accept our editors and translators’ suggestions, we cannot provide you with free re-editing. (If you have any concerns regarding editors or translators’ modifications or suggestions before you submit your paper, please feel free to contact us.)
  • Let Wallace Academic Editing check your paper before you submit it again
    Please use our second editing service to help you maintain the accuracy and correctness of your English after making revisions after rejection if:

    1. You have substantially modified the first version of your edited or translated paper or rejected Wallace’s edited or translated version (i.e., you have altered the paper after receiving editing or translation services).
    2. You have revised your paper because of issues unrelated to English (g., inappropriate research direction, insufficient citations, and faulty methodology).

If you require that we only edit the sections that you have modified or added, please mark or highlight these specific sentences.


Wallace’s editing service does not include the following:

  • Format editing, style sheet confirmation, or adding or deleting words to meet word count restrictions
  • Content editing (e.g., identifying factual errors and inconsistencies)
  • Checking, editing, or formatting references
  • Writing, changing, or rewriting the content of original articles

Wallace offers an attorney-certified confidentiality agreement: We will never disclose the content of your article, and customer information is kept strictly confidential.

Confidentiality Measures

We strictly enforce the following confidentiality measures to ensure that our clients’ personal information is not disclosed to third parties:

  • All of our editors have agreed to a confidentiality contract, and only the editors assigned to edit your article have access to it.
  • Your research is never disclosed to third parties.
  • Other editors have permission to view the content of your article only when they are assigned to perform specific editing and corrections as required.
  • If necessary, we can sign a confidentiality agreement before you upload your file to the Wallace’s website

We guarantee both the confidentiality of the content of your article and your personal privacy. Furthermore, your personal information is used only in the preparation of relevant documents such as invoices and notifications regarding funding grants and sponsors.

Links to our nondisclosure agreements, which have been prepared by a certified law firm, are included below. If necessary, please download these agreements for your personal reference.