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Brief Introduction to Wallace

About Wallace

Wallace's Primary Task:

Wallace stands at the front line of the Asian academic world, providing support for paper publication and offering academic English editing, translation, and academic journal targeting and selection services. We also hold academic English conferences and publish books to help authors publish their papers in international academic journals.

Wallace Academic Editing, founded by Dr. Steve Wallace in 2006, possesses expertise in academic English editing and Chinese-to-English translation. The company has handled tens of thousands of editing and translation cases and helped numerous Asian researchers to successfully publish their papers in international academic journals.

We possess high-quality native English speaking editors, translation teams that fully understand the terminology used in various domains, and a helpful customer service staff. We provide optimal paper quality and cordial services.

The founder of Wallace Academic Editing

Dr. Steve Wallace possesses more than 10 years of English paper editing experience and currently lectures at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Medicine, Tsing Hua University's Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems, Central University's Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. He is devoted to teaching academic English writing skills concerning technology, medicine, and various other fields to help Asian researchers publish papers in international journals.

In 2001, Steve began editing journal papers written by doctoral students and spent countless hours organizing relevant information to help native Chinese speaking researchers more efficiently publish papers in international English-language journals. Additionally, he collected and analyzed innumerable comments from journal reviewers to understand how to increase the chances of publishing a paper in an international journal. Steve founded Wallace Academic Editing in 2006. Leading a service team of now more than 30 professional editors and translators, Steve has helped thousands of Asian researchers revise and polish their papers.

Dedicated to the academic field, Steve has published papers in journals including the Journal of Usability Studies, the Journal of Information Design, and Current Bioinformatics. He is also a reviewer for Technical Communication.

Steve has been invited to deliver speeches and lectures at various colleges and universities, national research institutions, and companies in Hsinchu Science Park, and has promoted his paper writing methodology in academic circles throughout Asia. Steve has also cooperated with dozens of Asian universities, colleges, hospitals, and research institutes, and has published 12 university-level English textbooks, which are used by 28 universities across Asia.

Dear Researcher

As a technical writing teacher at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, I have always been saddened to see my students' well-researched papers rejected by journals because of poor English. Many students require an SCI or SSCI paper to complete a PhD, and teachers must publish to get promoted. To help my students, I began identifying English errors that caused Chinese researchers to be rejected. I collected these from reviewers' comments and my own observations of the students' writing. I then began editing student papers by using academic language and my knowledge of Chinese writing errors. That was well over 15 years ago.

Since founding Wallace Academic Editing in 2006, my team and I have edited thousands of papers written by Asian researchers. Demand for editing has rapidly grown from one or two cases a week to a daily stream of papers, letters, and abstracts. We now have editors specializing in various academic disciplines including engineering, medicine, management, life sciences, basic sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts. We are continuing to recruit new editors whenever we can find sufficiently qualified candidates.

All of our editors have graduate degrees and a desire to make research writing clearer. Each member is responsible for a specific field of research papers. This editorial focus enables them to understand the underlying vocabulary and theory behind papers, and to edit them without changing the author's meaning.

Because of this core academic specialty, I am confident that you will benefit from working with us. We carefully look at each completed paper to ensure ongoing editing quality. We have worked with professors, PhD students, and researchers from 86 universities, colleges and research organizations around Asia. Papers that we have edited have appeared in prestigious academic journals in engineering, computer science, and other disciplines. Our system is secure and we will keep your name and all of your research details completely confidential.

We look forward to reading your paper.

Dr. Steve Wallace
Director of Wallace Editing