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Translation team


“I want my paper to be translated by a translator familiar with field.”

This is a common concern among customers looking for translation services. After all, different professions are different worlds, and this applies to academic paper translation, too. Many people find that the transition services provided by general translation agencies often fall short of their expectation for professional academic English. Wallace can solve this problem for your and satisfy your requirements for academic English.

Like the editing team, our translators are Taiwanese scholars from various fields. They are proficient in both Chinese and English, and most of them have an M.A. degree or above. They will carefully translate your papers without changing the original meanings. Our goal is to help you publish your papers in international journals.


Penny Hsu
Specialty: Biology, chemistry

Penny obtained an M.A. degree in biochemistry and genetic engineering. She has an extensive knowledge of biology, chemistry, medicine, and engineering and has worked as a simultaneous interpreter and translator at a trading company. Besides presenting research papers at international seminars, Penny has also conducted research projects and experiments at the Center for Proteomic & Genomic Research in South Africa. She has cultivated professional skills in research and translation from her experience in South Africa.


Cecilia Lee
Specialty: Sociology

Cecilia obtained an M.A. degree in gender and international development from the University of Warwick after graduating from National Chengchi University with a double major in ethnology and sociology. In her studies, Cecilia is particular concerned about women’s condition in contemporary environments and cultures. In Britain, she has volunteered for a service center for immigrants and refugees and a center for preventing domestic violence, trying to explore the difference between the theory and reality of women’s condition in society. As a researcher in sociology, Cecilia devotes close attention to topics related to gender, environment, politics, and society in Taiwan. By the way, her favorite food is pasta.


Miranda Wang
Specialty: Science, mechanical engineering, medicine

Miranda received a Ph.D. degree in psychology from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She has been a postdoctoral researcher at Yale University. Her specialties involve psychophysics, psychoacoustics, cognitive psychology, and cognitive neuroscience and she has published several papers in international journals. Miranda led a busy life as a scholar in Yale University and is now a happy and professional translator.


Jason Lin
Specialty: History, engineering, marketing

Jason majored in economics, Spanish, and Japanese in the University of Toronto. He has worked in banking, telecommunication, and consultancy industries. Jason translates documents of various fields with language proficiency developed in Canada and professional experience gained in these industries. Regular commissioners include renowned organizations or businesses such as National Palace Museum, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, and Triumph. Jason has translated hundreds of thousands of words by now. Translating academic papers with precise terminology and English is Jason’s strength.


Li-Der Liu
Specialty: Engineering, materials science

Li-Der graduated from the Department of Applied Science & Engineering at the University of Toronto. Subsequently, he obtained an M.A. degree in engineering from National Taiwan University and attended the Ph.D. program in materials science. With years of research and conference presentation experience, Li-Der is extremely familiar with academic writing. He can translate your papers into with precision and accuracy.


Kelly Chen
Specialty: Literature

Kelly obtained a B.A. degree in English from National Chenchi University and an M.A. degree in foreign languages and literature from National Sun Yat-sen University. She specializes in 18th-century British women literature and theater. Kelly has experience in book publishing, editing, and proofreading. Her sensitivity to words and experience in editing make her a capable translator for your papers. By the way, you can also find her in the performances of Taipei Chamber Singers.


Calvin Chen
Specialty: Cross-cultural studies, business studies

Calvin comes from a Hakka family who had migrated to India. Born in India, Calvin grew up in a multilingual environment and diverse culture. After completing basic education in India, he decided to go to Taiwan to pursue higher education. He obtained a B.A. degree in accounting from National Taipei University. Afterwards, Calvin studied the influence of globalized media culture on the basis of India. Because of his diverse background, Calvin is fully aware of the complexity in language translation from a cross-cultural perspective. He can translate your papers with precision and accuracy.