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Service for Translating Reviewer and Editor Comments

You have received the editor and reviewer comments for your paper, but are unsure what they mean or where to begin the rewriting process. The editor and reviewer comments are written in formal English, using English idioms and terms you do not understand. Let us help you by translating these comments into clear Chinese so you can accurately respond to editor and reviewer suggestions. We are very familiar with reviewer and editor comments and we are great at translation. Do not delay your paper’s publication because you failed to understand or properly respond to revision requests.

In this service, we will carefully number each translated reviewer comment and request exactly as it appears in the English version so you can create a response for it. We will also add comments about any other intended meaning we think you should be aware of based on our experience with revising papers for journal submission. Of course, we can also translate your response to the editor and reviewers into English after you finish writing it.

You do what you are good at, and let us help you with what we are good at.


  • General documents: NTD$2.16/character
  • Urgent: NTD$2.4/character

What we do:

1) Translate and carefully number or highlight each comment from editors and reviewers

2) Give any additional comments that we think will be useful in revising your paper