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Seminar and lecture feedback

“I feel that I have benefited so much after taking this course. Research courses offered through general research institutions mostly stress verification of statistical methods, and few focus on the English wording in articles. Thank you so much, Steve.I hope more will benefit from your hard work.”

Hsiang-han Huang, Lecturer, Chungyu Institute of Technology

“Steve gave a really good speech. I’m so happy that I attended his class. After the class, I was able to fix my paper and submit it with confidence.”

Gertrude Chen

“Steve was very personable and humorous. The class was lively and Steve used clear and logical oral and written expressionsso that we couldgrasp key pointsimmediately. I have benefited greatly from his class.”

Kuang-mao Deng, Lecturer, Chaoyang University of Technology Language Center

“Steve’s enthusiasm and professionalism can inspire Taiwanese academics to move toward the goals of publishing international papers andparticipating in internationalconferences. Striving for excellence will hone our ability to publish, and developing a deep affinity for and relationship with others will facilitate the building of friendly relationships between researchers throughout the world and Taiwan.”

Cheng-chen Chang, Director of Pediatric Cardiology, China Medical University Hospital Children’s Medical Center

“Very inspiring. Not just about writing and publish game, but also mental status. 12 hours isn’t long enough to make you a good writer. However, Steve would lead you, at least, to a battle position. If there is a chance to work on one paper with Steve, I am sure that I won’t feel afraid again to write in English and to be rejected again. Thanks for your help.”

Chiao-i Huang, Assistant Professor, Tainan University of Technology

“The teacher not only taught us ‘techniques,’ he also imparted ‘tips.’ He proposed many methods by which Taiwanese graduate students with shy personalities can improve, whichwas of great benefit to us.”

Student of the Microelectronics Department, National Cheng Kung University

“Humor and practicality filled the class, enabling me to quickly obtain the skills necessary for participation in conferences and presentations.”

Guan-wei Li,Associate Professor,I-Shou University Department of Electronic Engineering

“Steve is so amazing. I felt so enlightened after taking his class, and all of my confusion disappeared afterhis personable explanations!!! I will definitely recommend the class to all of my classmates. Steve is just too amazing!!!”

Zhi-jun Hu, Student of the Institute of Microelectronics at NCKU

“I have learned so much. The speech was professional, practical, extremely useful, and very helpful for personal research and publishing papers. I have also learned that research involves personal growth and maintaining focus on academicwork,butthat it is also important to find joy inyour research andwork tobenefit the world.”

Shu-hui Wang, National Kaohsiung Normal University

“Thank you, Steve. You are not just a teacher, but also a great psychotherapist!”

Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica

“I thinkthat this course is very suitable for new teachers or doctoral students. Although I got my Ph.D. overseas, Steve’s detailed organizationand description regardingjournal papers and academic conferenceswas of great benefit to me. I strongly recommend it!

Hua-hung Weng,Yuan Ze University College of Management

“Wallace gave a great speech. He was humorous and very personable. Besides helping to improve my English writing abilities, I also learned a lot from his attitude toward others.”

Shu-hui Wu, Taipei College of Maritime Technology

“Steve has a very deep understanding of professional paper writing!”

Shi-wei Ye

“The teacher was fluent, clear, vivid, and humorous, and thecourse was informative and practical.”

Y. C. Chen, I-Shou University

“During the lecture, Steve discussed manyofthe mistakesI usually make when writing, and  described them from a foreigner’s perspective. This helped me understand the thinking patternsand ideasof foreign reviewers and editors, and improved my efficiency when writing papers. After Steve’s class, I suddenly feltan outpouring of ideas and derived numerous new elements that I could add to my writing. I have gained so much.”

Han-chun Hung,Graduate Student, National Sun Yat-sen University Department of Marine Biotechnology and Resources,Marine Biomedical Science Laboratory

“The class used the fastest, most direct,andmost streamlinedmethods, and astyle closest to Taiwanese writing to fully explain the problems of Taiwanese writing and deliver significant results within a short period of time. The class also provided numerous details that Ihad either not been awareofbefore or had not paid attention to.”

Jun-hong chen, Doctoral Student, National Sun Yat-sen University, Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology

“The course is compact, contains abundant information, and is beneficial!”

Fang-yin Liu, Doctoral Student, National Taiwan University

“In the beginning, I thought that paying NTD$6500 for a two-day course was a bit expensive. However, after attending the course, Steve’s humorous speeches and lectures and his organization of the key points for paper submission was really worth the price. Steve also shared numerous adages that are really beneficial, such as “when you play, play hard; when you work, don’t play at all,” or that we should spend 15 minutes each day focusing on paper writing, which was really helpful to me. In the future, I will endeavorto usethe methods Steve has taught me to publish more papers. ^_^”

Wen-min Liang, Professor, China Medical University Graduate Institute of Biostatistics

“It was awesome! I fully approvedof the section of the lecture about English writing errorsmade by Taiwanese authors. I am now aware of the writing errors I used to make in the past.”

Professor,National Chiao Tung University

“I likedthe examples of reviewer and editor opinions that were cited in the lecture. They helped me understand what reviewers think is important.”

Doctoral Candidate, National Tsing Hua University,

“Establishing a good relationship with the reviewers, as mentioned in the speech, will greatly enhance my ability to publish papers in the future.”

Doctoral Candidate, National Chiao Tung University

“Steve gave me renewed motivation for writing. Thank you for lending a helping hand.”

Assistant Professor, Chung Hua University

“Thank you for visiting our school. I believe our doctoral studentsnow have the practical skills to publish papers because of your speech.”

Associate Professor, EVA University

“The great and vivid speech of Steve was really helpful. He gave us many practical points for publishing.”

Sheng-Che Hung, Physician, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou

“Steve’s training course on technical writing is really great, valuable and helpful for Taiwan Students due to our Taiwan English-Education is making English-writing and English-Writing more complicated and not-easy to let students to realize the correct method to communicate. Thus, I am very proud to introduce Steve’s course to my friends and colleagues.”

Chang-zheng Xie, HP Wireless Integration Manager,

“What an inspiring lecture I’ve ever had. It made me cross the gap of the technical writing.”

Sheng-chiang Wang, Physician,Tri-Service General Hospital

“The two lessons helped me to understand how to write papers, and when I read papers, I can nowgrasp their key points more easily. Thecourse is not only helpful for English writing, it is also beneficial for research. Thank you,Mr. Wallace!”

Sheng-han Tu, Doctoral Student, National Central University Department of Optics and Photonics

“The speakerwas a great teacher. The English lecture was articulate and clear, and delivered at an appropriate speed and with a humble attitude. The lecturer took teaching seriously and was expressive, and there were no awkward silences or dull momentsduring the course.

Mr. Lin, Army Academy

“This course is beneficial for doctoral students who have not yet written internationalarticles, and can help them to understand how to write and construct an outline for their papers. Thecourse can also help people who already have writing experience understand their own misconceptions and areasin their writingthat may requiremoreattention.”

Zhi-zong Cai,Post-DoctoralResearcher, Sun Yat-sen University

“Wonderful speech! You let me know how to write an interesting journal paper. Thank you!”

Chong-hao Huang, DoctoralStudent, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology