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List of Journal From A to Z

Sciences and Medicine

Journal start with letter A

  • Accounts of Chemical Research
  • ACM Transactions on Graphics
  • Acta Crystallogr D
  • Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr.
  • Acta Pharmacol Sin.
  • Advanced Engineering Materials
  • Advanced Functional Materials
  • Advanced Materials
  • Am J Ophthalmol.
  • Am J Physiol Cell Physiol.
  • Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol.
  • Am J Trop Med Hyg.
  • Anal Chem.
  • Ann of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • Ann Thorac Surg.
  • Anticancer Drugs
  • Antiviral Res.
  • Appl and Environ Microbiology
  • Appl Clay Sci.
  • Appl Physics Letters
  • Appl Spectroscopy
  • Arch Biochem Biophys.
  • Arch Neurol.
  • Arch Pharm Res.
  • Atherosclerosis

Journal start with letter B:

  • Biochem Biophys Res Commun.
  • Biochem Genet.
  • Biochem Pharmacol.
  • Biochemistry
  • Biochim Biophys Acta
  • Biochimie
  • Bioconjug Chem.
  • Biodegradation
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biol Pharm Bull.
  • Biol Psychol.
  • Biomed Mater Eng
  • Bioorg Med Chem
  • Bioorg Med Chem Lett
  • Biophys J.
  • Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering
  • Biotechniques
  • Biotechnol Bioeng.
  • Biotechnol Bioprocess Eng.
  • Biotechnol Lett.
  • Biotechnol Lett.
  • Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
  • Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering
  • Biotechnology Letters
  • Biotechnology Progress
  • BMC Infectious Diseases
  • BMC Pediatrics
  • BMC Pharmacol.
  • BMC Psychiatry
  • BMC Public Health
  • Bull Chem Soc. Jpn.
  • Bull Kor Chem Soc.

Journal start with letter C:

  • Cancer Gene Ther.
  • Cancer Research
  • Carbon
  • Carcinogenesis
  • Cell Biochem Funct.
  • Cell Research
  • Chem Commun
  • Chem Lett.
  • Chem Mater.
  • Chem Phys Lett.
  • Chemical Engineering Science
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry Letters
  • Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems
  • Chemosphere
  • ChemPhysChem
  • Chin Med J (Engl)
  • Clin Cancer Res.
  • Clin Neuropharmacol.
  • Clin Physiol Funct Imaging
  • Computers and Chemical Engineering
  • Computers and Industrial Engineering
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Curr Eye Res.
  • Current Applied Physics
  • Cytometry A

Journal start with letter D:

  • Development
  • Dig Dis Sci.

Journal start with letter E:

  • Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters
  • Electrophoresis
  • EMBO J.
  • Emerg Infect Dis.
  • Engineering Design and Automation
  • Environmental Engineering Science
  • Environmental Health Perspectives
  • Enzyme and Microbial Technology
  • Enzyme Microb Technol.
  • Eur J Biochem.
  • Eur J Biochem.
  • Eur J Cardiothorac Surg.
  • Eur J Mass Spectrom.
  • Eur J Pharmacol.
  • Eur Neurol.
  • European Polymer Journal
  • Exp Appl Acarol.
  • Exp Cell Res.
  • Exp Dermatol.
  • Exp Gerontol.
  • Exp Neurol.
  • Experiments in Fluids

Journal start with letter F:

  • FASEB J.
  • Fluid Dynamics Research
  • Food Addit Contam.
  • Forensic Sci Int.
  • Free Radic Biol Med.

Journal start with letter G:

  • Geophys. Res. Lett.
  • Glia
  • Global Biogeochem. Cycles
  • Glycobiology

Journal start with letter H:

  • Hematol Oncol.
  • Hepatol Res.
  • Hepatology
  • Hum Genet.
  • Hum Mutat.
  • Hum Pathol.

Journal start with letter I:

  • Ind Eng Chem Res.
  • Ind Eng Chem Research
  • Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
  • Industrial Health
  • Information and Software Technology Journal
  • Information Sciences
  • Inorg Chem.
  • Int Arch Occup Environ Health
  • Int Arch Occup Environ Health
  • Int Heart J.
  • Int Immunopharmacol.
  • Int J Biochem Cell Biol.
  • Int J Cancer
  • Int J of Adv Manufacturing Technology
  • Int J of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Int J of Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems
  • Int J of Production Research
  • Int J Pharm.
  • International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
  • Intervirology
  • Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.
  • Invest Radiol.

Journal start with letter J:

  • J Adhesion Sci Technol.
  • J Air Waste Manag Assoc.
  • J Am Chem Soc.
  • J Am Geriatr Soc.
  • J Am Vet Med Assoc.
  • J Appl Polym Sci.
  • J Appl.Phys
  • J Applied Polymer Science
  • J Bacteriol.
  • J Biochem Mol Biol.
  • J Biol Chem.
  • J Biol Inorg Chem.
  • J Biomed Mater Res A
  • J Biomed Sci.
  • J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol.
  • J Cardiovasc Pharmacol.
  • J Catalysis
  • J Cataract Refract Surg.
  • J Cell Biochem.
  • J Chem Phys.
  • J Clin Endocrinol Metab.
  • J Colloid Interface Sci.
  • J Comb Chem.
  • J Environ Quality
  • J Environ Sci Health
  • J Gastroenterol Hepatol.
  • J Gen Virol.
  • J Gene Med.
  • J Geophys Res.
  • J Histochem Cytochem.
  • J Hum Genet.
  • J Immunol Methods
  • J Inorg Biochem.
  • J Kor Ind Eng Chem.
  • J Memb Sci.
  • J Microbiol Biotechnol.
  • J Microbiol Biotechnol.
  • J Muscle Res Cell Motil.
  • J Nat Prod.
  • J Nerv Ment Dis.
  • J Neurochem.
  • J Neuroimmunol.
  • J Neurosci Res.
  • J Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials
  • J of Applied polymer Science
  • J of Biotechnology
  • J of Chemical Engineering of Japan
  • J of Colloid and Interface Science
  • J of Computational Physics
  • J of Manufacturing Systems
  • J of Materials Chemistry
  • J of Medical Entomology
  • J of Molecular Liquids
  • J of Nervous & Mental Disease
  • J of Neurochemistry
  • J of Power Sources
  • J of Process Control
  • J of Strength and Conditioning Research
  • J of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  • J Parasitol.
  • J Pharmacol Exp Ther.
  • J Pharmacol Sci.
  • J Phys Chem B
  • J Physiol.
  • J Polym Sci.
  • J Psychosom Res.

Journal start with letter K:

  • Korean J Chem Eng.

Journal start with letter M:

  • Macromol Chem Phys.
  • Macromol Chem Symp.
  • Macromol Symp.
  • Macromolecular Bioscience
  • Macromolecular Research
  • Macromolecules
  • Materials Research
  • Materials Science & Engineering C
  • Measurement
  • Measurement Science and Technology
  • Medical and Veterinary Entomology
  • Metabolic Engineering
  • Methods Enzymol.
  • Methods Mol Med.
  • Microbes Infect.
  • Microbial Technology
  • Mol Crystal & Liq Crystal.
  • Mol Pharmacol.
  • Molecular Brain Research

Journal start with letter N:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Nat Genet.
  • Nat Rev Neurosci.
  • Nature Biotechnology
  • Neurobiol Aging
  • Neurobiol Dis.
  • Neuroimmunomodulation
  • Neuromuscul Disord.
  • Neuropharmacology
  • Neuroreport
  • Neurosci Lett.
  • Neurotoxicology
  • Nucleic Acids Res.

Journal start with letter O:

  • Ocul Immunol Inflamm.
  • Oncogene
  • Oncol Rep.
  • Optical Physics and Materials

Journal start with letter P:

  • Physics of Fluids
  • Plant Cell
  • Plant Cell Physiol.
  • Polyhedron
  • Polym Eng Sci.
  • Polymer
  • Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Protein Expression and Purification
  • Proteomics
  • Psychiatric Genetics
  • Psychol Rep.
  • Psychother Psychosom.

Journal start with letter R:

  • Radiother Oncol.
  • Respir Med.
  • Respiration

Journal start with letter S:

  • Scand J Prim Health Care
  • Sci Total Environ
  • Sleep and Biological Rhythms
  • Synapse
  • Synthetic Metals
  • Systematic Parasitology

Journal start with letter T:

  • Tetrahedron Letters
  • Toxicological Sciences
  • Transplantation
  • Trends Biotechnol.

Journal start with letter V:

  • Vaccine
  • Vet Immunol Immunopathol.
  • Vet Parasitol.
  • Vibrational Spectroscopy
  • Virus Res.

Journal start with letter W:

  • Water Science and Technology
  • World J Gastroenterol.
  • World J Microbiol Biotechnol.

Social Sciences

Journal start with letter A:

  • Accounting Horizons
  • American Sociological Review

Journal start with letter C:

  • Cambridge Journal of Education
  • Canadian Journal of Economics

Journal start with letter E:

  • Economics of Education Review
  • Educational Gerontology

Journal start with letter H:

  • Human Relations

Journal start with letter I:

  • Industrial Relations

Journal start with letter J:

  • Journal of Organization and Environment
  • Journal of Population Economics
  • Journal of Marriage and Family
  • Journal of the Association for Information Systems

Journal start with letter R:

  • Review of Accounting Studies

Journal start with letter S:

  • Sociological Forum
  • Social Science and Medicine
  • Social Networks
  • Sociological Quarterly
  • Social Work

Journal start with letter T:

  • The American Sociologist


Journal start with letter A:

  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Australian Journal of Management
  • Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Journal start with letter C:

  • Critical Perspectives on International Business
  • Cross Cultural Management

Journal start with letter E:

  • Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management European Business Review

Journal start with letter F:

  • Financial Markets and Portfolio Management

Journal start with letter G:

  • Global Finance Journal

Journal start with letter I:

  • International Journal of Applied Management and Technology
  • International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management
  • International Journal of Operations & Production Management
  • Interfaces: An International Journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Science
  • International Facility Management Association
  • International Business Review
  • International Journal of Emerging Markets
  • International Marketing Review
  • International Trade Journal

Journal start with letter J:

  • Journal of Investment Management
  • Journal of Management Information Systems
  • Journal of Healthcare Management
  • Journal of Knowledge Management
  • Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
  • Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization
  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Journal of International Management
  • Journal of International Marketing
  • Journal of Global Marketing
  • Journal of Multinational Financial Management
  • Journal of Teaching in International Business
  • Journal of World Business
  • Journal of World Investment
  • Journal of World Trade
  • Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management
  • Journal of Knowledge Management Practice

Journal start with letter K:

  • Knowledge Management For Development Journal

Journal start with letter M:

  • Management Science: A Journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Management Accounting Quarterly
  • Management Information Systems Quarterly
  • Management International Review
  • Multinational Business Review

Journal start with letter N:

  • Nursing Management (journal)

Journal start with letter O:

  • Organization Science: A Journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Operations Research: A Journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • Organizational studies

Journal start with letter P:

  • Public Money and Management

Journal start with letter S:

  • Supply Chain Management: an International Journal

Journal start with letter T:

  • Team performance management (journal)
  • The Journal of Medical Practice Management
  • Thunderbird International Business Review
  • Transnational Corporations

Journal start with letter W:

  • World Competition
  • World Trade Review


IEEE transactions, letters and journals

  • Advanced Packaging, IEEE Transactions on
  • Aerospace and Electronic Systems, IEEE Transactions on
  • Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on
  • Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Transactions on
  • Audio, Speech and Language Processing, IEEE Transactions on
  • Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on
  • Communications Letters, IEEE
  • Communications, IEEE Transactions on
  • Components and Packaging Technologies, IEEE Transactions on
  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM Transactions on
  • Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems,
  • IEEE Transactions on
  • Computers, IEEE Transactions on
  • Computing in Science & Engineering
  • Consumer Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
  • Control Systems and Technology, IEEE Transactions on
  • Dependable and Secure Computing, IEEE Transactions on
  • Device and Materials Reliability, IEEE Transactions on
  • Display Technology, Journal of
  • Electron Device Letters, IEEE
  • Electronic Materials, IEEE/TMS Journal of
  • Electronics Packaging Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on
  • Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on
  • Fuzzy Systems, IEEE Transactions on
  • Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on
  • Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
  • Industrial Informatics, IEEE Transactions on
  • Information Theory, IEEE Transactions on
  • Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Transactions on
  • IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
  • Knowledge and Data Engineering, IEEE Transactions on
  • Manufacturing Technology, IEEE Transactions on
  • Mechatronics, IEEE/ASME Transactions on
  • Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on
  • Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, IEEE
  • Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on
  • Nanobioscience, IEEE Transactions on
  • Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions on
  • Network and Service Management, IEEE Transactions on
  • Networking, IEEE/ACM Transactions on
  • Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on
  • Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, IEEE Transactions on
  • Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on
  • Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on
  • Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE
  • Power Electronics Letters, IEEE
  • Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on
  • Professional Communication, IEEE Transactions on
  • Quantum Electronics, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on
  • Sensors Journal, IEEE
  • Signal Processing Letters, IEEE
  • Signal Processing, IEEE Transactions on
  • Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on
  • Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of
  • Systems Journal, IEEE
  • Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on
  • Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on

Mechanical engineering




Atomic and Molecular Physics

  • European Physical Journal
  • Laser Physics



Nuclear Physics


Computer Physics

  • Computational Mechanics
  • Computational Materials Science
  • Computer Physics Communications
  • Computers in Physics
  • Computing in Science and Engineering

Condensed Matter and Materials Science

  • International Journal of Modern Physics B (journal home)
  • Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids ( journal home)
  • Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (journal home)
  • Journal of Non-crystalline Solids ( journal home)
  • Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  • Nature Materials (journal home)
  • Physics of Fluids (journal home)
  • Solid State Communications
  • Synthetic Metals

Chemical Physics

Soft Matter Physics

Medical Physics

Biological Physics

  • Biophysical Journal (journal home)
  • Biophysics (journal home)
  • European Biophysics Journal (journal home)
  • Journal of Biological Physics (journal home)

Statistical and Nonlinear Physics

  • Journal of Statistical Physics (journal home)
  • Journal of Statistical Mechanics (journal home)

Theoretical Physics

  • Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (journal home)
  • Classical and Quantum Gravity (journal home)
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics ( journal home)
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics (journal home)
  • Progress of Theoretical Physics (journal home)


Head Specialist editor: CHRISTINE

  • ACM Computing Reviews
  • ACM Transactions on Graphics
  • ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence (journal)
  • Computational Linguistics (journal)
  • Computer (magazine)
  • Computer Graphics (publication)
  • The Computer Journal
  • Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis
  • Formal Aspects of Computing
  • Journal of Multimedia
  • Journal of Symbolic Computation
  • Journal of Systems and Software
  • IEEE Software
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  • IJOE
  • INFOCOMP Journal of Computer Science
  • Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering
  • International Journal of Computational Cognition
  • International Journal of Critical Computer-Based Systems
  • International Journal of Software and Informatics
  • Journal of Multimedia
  • Journal of Symbolic Computation
  • Journal of Systems and Software
  • Journal of the ACM
  • Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
  • Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics
  • Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
  • Journal of Cryptology
  • Journal of Functional Programming
  • Logical Methods in Computer Science
  • Machine Learning (journal)
  • Mobile Computing and Communications Review
  • SIAM Journal on Computing
  • Scientific Computing & Instrumentation
  • Software Engineering Notes
  • Software and Systems Modeling
  • Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis
  • Formal Aspects of Computing


  • Berkeley Technology Law Journal
  • European Intellectual Property Review
  • European Trade Mark Reports
  • Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal
  • Intellectual Property Law Bulletin
  • Intellectual Asset Management
  • Intellectual Property Newsletter
  • Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice
  • Managing Intellectual Property
  • The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law
  • The Journal of World Intellectual Property
  • Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property
  • University of San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Bulletin
  • UCLA Journal of Law and Technology
  • Wake Forest Intellectual Property Law Journal


  • ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software
  • Advances in Computational Mathematics
  • American Mathematical Monthly
  • Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
  • Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Annals of Operations Research
  • Annals of Statistics
  • Applicable Analysis
  • Applied Categorical Structures
  • Approximation Theory and its Applications
  • Applied Mathematics and Information Sciences
  • Asian Journal of Mathematics
  • Australian Mathematical Society Gazette
  • College Mathematics Journal
  • Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics
  • Complex Variables Theory and Application
  • Designs, Codes and Cryptography
  • Dynamics and Control
  • East Journal on Approximations
  • International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning
  • International Press Journals on Mathematics
  • Israel Journal of Mathematics
  • Japanese Journal of Mathematics
  • Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis
  • Journal of Approximation Theory
  • Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems
  • Journal of Global Optimization
  • Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
  • Journal of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
  • Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University
  • Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan
  • Journal of Number Theory
  • Letters in Mathematical Physics
  • Lifetime Data Analysis
  • Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems
  • Mathematics Magazine
  • Methods and Applications of Analysis
  • New Zealand Journal of Mathematics
  • Theory and Decision
  • Theory of Probability and its Applications


  • Church History
  • Economic History Review
  • English Historical Review
  • Environmental History
  • Historical Research
  • Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences
  • History
  • History Workshop Journal
  • International Review of Social History
  • Journal for the History of Astronomy
  • Journal of Egyptian Archaeology



  • Computer Music Journal
  • Acoustical Society of America


  • PMLA
  • Spiegel der Letteren (journal online)
  • Contemporary Pragmatism
  • Cultic Studies Review (journal online)
  • Journal of the European Society of Women in Theological Research
  • Louvain Studies (journal online)
  • Questions Liturgiques (journal online)
  • Religion
  • Studies in Interreligious Dialogue (journal online)