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Abstract Development

Your abstract is the most crucial part of your paper because reviewers and editors use it to decide whether they like your research and want to read your paper. Often, journal editors decide your paper’s fate by just reading your abstract. An abstract must succinctly convey the most essential information in your paper—motivation, problem statement, methodology, results, and implications—within the stipulated word count.

Our abstract development service provides you with the help of excellent and professional technical editors and publication support experts who can define your research concisely in an abstract. After editing your manuscript, we will distil the information into a crisp and precise abstract that should interest journal reviewers, the journal editor, and the target audience.

Why should you have your abstract developed by us?

  • Our experience in technical editing has revealed that authors find it most difficult to develop an abstract.
  • The abstract is the most important part of your document because most journals allow open access only to abstracts, and readers decide whether to purchase or read articles depending on the abstract.
  • Another reason the abstract is the most crucial part of your document is that journal editors often screen papers solely on the basis of their abstracts.
  • Abstracts are meant for a more general audience; thus, a third-party perspective helps when writing them. Because you are deeply involved in your research, you are sometimes unable to articulate the wider and more general scope of your study.
  • We analyze the abstracts of other papers published in the same journal to identify key factors, such as journal style and language, to help us develop the most appropriate abstract.
  • Adhering to a word count is difficult and something that is best left to experienced technical editors and publication support experts.


  1. We prefer developing abstracts for manuscripts that we have edited. It is extremely time-consuming for our editors to go through your entire paper only for the purpose of developing your abstract. In cases in which you want only an abstract developed—and not the manuscript edited—we will quote a price that reflects the number of hours of effort invested by our editors and publication support experts.
  2. Authors are expected to study their abstract and forward their instructions and opinions to the editor within three days of delivery of the draft version of their paper. Our editors and publication support experts will then work on manuscripts one after the other. To ensure the best results, you should return your abstract to us as quickly as possible.
  3. Authors are requested to provide the name of the journal in which they wish to seek publication. This allows us to develop abstracts according to journal specifications such as word count and structure (i.e., whether separate subsections and labels are required).