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Frequently asked questions

Questions about English editing services

  1. What type of file formats do you accept?
    Generally, we can accept all file types. The most common files are .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .ppt files. If your document is a Latex format, please convert it into a .pdf. We charge an extra NTD$0.5 per word for documents in .pdf format.
  2. I don’t know how to review the article after it has been edited.
    We use the “track changes” function in Microsoft Office Word as our proofreading and editing tool.
  3. Is there a maximum/minimum word count limit? Should texts for references, numerical data, tables, figures, and titles or explanations for figures and tables also be added to the word count?
    We don’t have a maximum/minimum word count requirement. The calculation of your fee is based on the actual number of words in your file. There is no minimum word count or spending requirement. In principle, we do not add references, numerical data, tables, figures, and titles or explanations for figures and tables to the total word count. However, if you require that we edit these portions, please specify this requirement when uploading your paper and we will add them to the word count.
  4. Can you edit an article based on different journal styles?
    Because an editor can only provide editing based on only one style for each editing service, we cannot edit one article using different journal styles (academic circles do not accept the submission of the same article to different journals).
  5. After an editor has read and revised an article, can they provide ideas and directions to the customer regarding the content and writing of the article?
    The editors can only provide editing services and cannot provide consultation services.

Questions about translation services

  1. How do you ensure translation quality? Do foreign editors edit an article after it has been translated?
    All of the translators in our company have attained a master’s degree or higher in a foreign country. They have a full understanding of your field, have excellent bilingual skills, and are familiar with English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation. These translators also have many years of experience working in translation agencies. After a translation is completed by a translator, a foreign editor reviews the translation to ensure quality and a proofreader checks that the final draft fully conveys your original meaning and that the English satisfies international standards.
  2. If translations are assigned to translators with relevant experience or backgrounds, why do I need to include a Chinese to English glossary for technical terms?
    Our translators possess relevant backgrounds and experiences. However, some of our translators have studied abroad in English language schools since they were little and only know technical terms in English. Therefore, their Chinese translation abilities regarding technical terms are sometimes less intuitive. To ensure that our translators use precise technical terms and to achieve the highest quality, we specifically recommend our clients to include a Chinese to English glossary for technical terms.
  3. If I modify an article according to the editor’s comments and suggestions after I receive a completed article from your company, can I ask the editor to review my modifications again? How much does the extra review cost?
    If you have modified or added texts to your article based on the recommendation of an editor, the modified portions must be identified or highlighted in different colors and the file should be sent back to us for review. In this case, an editor at Wallace will review the portions recommended for modification free of charge (if you have modified portions of the article of your own volition without the recommendation of our editor, you will be charged based on the price for normal editing services).
  4. If an article includes both English and Chinese texts, how do you coordinate editing and translation work?
    To provide our foreign editors with a consistent article and to maintain quality, if your article includes both English and Chinese texts, we recommend that the translator should first translate the Chinese portions of the text before an editor performs overall editing of the paper.
  5. If a paper is rejected by a journal after it has been edited, do you provide any compensation?
    If a paper does not satisfy the requirements of a journal because of English problems even after it has been edited by our company, please return the “edited paper” and “journal reviewer’s comments” to us. Our quality assurance team and the original editor will make the following assessments:
    If the editor finds that the rejection was our fault for reasons such as inappropriate language that was not corrected or because editing content did not meet certain requirements, Wallace will provide re-editing free of charge and process the case as rapidly as possible. If the rejection was not because of English related problems, but because of incorrect research directions, lack of citations, or other problems unrelated to English, Wallace will not provide re-editing free of charge.
    If a client has added content to or revised a paper after it has been edited by Wallace, and this version is rejected by a journal, Wallace will recalculate the fee for editing the modified portions and then assign the case to the original editor and one other editor for re-review.

Questions about company services

  1. If I have questions about or am unsatisfied with the edited/translated file, what should I do? How soon will I receive a response?
    Should you have any issues regarding the edited or translated file, please clearly explain these issues and indicate which section of the article you are concerned about. E-mail the information to , and customer service personnel will help you communicate with the editor. We will respond to general issues within two working days. However, depending on the nature of the issues you describe and the amount or questions, customer service personnel may have to set up an exact response date with you.
  2. Are you open during weekends and on national holidays?
    Our company provides services from Monday to Sunday, 9 AM to 8 PM (we are closed during national holidays). You can call 02-2555-5830 to contact our customer service department.
  3. Is it safe to have you edit our documents? Will information be leaked or shared with other parties?
    We understand the importance of strict confidentiality. Our company complies with the principle of confidentiality during each step of the service process. All of our employees as well as the translation/editing team have signed confidentiality agreements, so you do not need to worry about information being leaked or shared.
  4. Can your company assist me when submitting my paper?
    If you wish to sign a contract with us, we will provide services for you on a prepaid basis and give you a special discount. For more details regarding contracts and fees, please contact us and we will provide further instructions.
  5. How can I invite Steve to our school to give a lecture about writing academic English articles?
    Please call or write us, and provide your name, the name of your school, the name of your department, contact information, and the proposed time for the lecture. We will assign personnel to contact you immediately and discuss related matters.

Payment process and method

  1. How do you calculate prices? When will I receive a quote?
    Our company will give you a quote as soon as possible after receiving your file.
  2. Should I transfer payment before or after editing/translation is complete? Is a down payment required?
    We adopt the edit first, pay later approach for general cases to protect your rights. No down payment is required. Our customer services department will e-mail your file to you after editing is complete along with your required editing format. You can then transfer payment for services rendered within one week (fee remittance and transfer information will be provided in the e-mail).
  3. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept wire transfers, ATM transfers, over the counter remittance, and credit card payments.
  4. Can you issue a uniform invoice?
    Our company issues duplicate and triplicate type invoices, and charges a 5% tax. If you require an invoice, please notify us after you transfer your fee and tell us which invoice format you require: duplicate (general invoice) or triplicate (with uniform invoice number; can be used for reimbursement applications). Please specify the title, reimbursement application uniform number (triplicate form), invoice items, and recipient name and address, and we will issue the invoice after payment confirmation.
  5. Can you issue a receipt?
    Our company is registered with the government. If you need to apply for funding, we will issue a uniform invoice, but we cannot provide a receipt. However, we can provide a receipt for personal proof or verification purposes.
  6. Are you open during weekends and on national holidays?
    Our company provides services from Monday to Sunday, 9AM to 8PM (we are closed during national holidays). You can call 02-2555-5830 to contact our customer service department.
  7. I have seen information about your courses and books, how do I find more?
    You can click on the “Wallace Academic English Seminars” and “Academic English Professional Books” icons at the left side of the Web page to view related information, or you can call 02-2555-5830 for inquiries.