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Service Prices

Editing Service

  • Native Speaker Editors & Proofreader
  • Ten days:NT$1.7/word
  • Five days:NT$2.2/word
  • Three days:NT$2.5/word
  • One day:NT$3.0/word

Post-editing Service

  • Native Speaker Editors & Proofreader
  • 10 days:NT$1.0/word
  • 5 days:NT$1.5/word
  • 3 days:NT$1.8/word
  • 1 days:NT$2.3/word


  • If your paper exceeds 20,000 words, you receive a 15% discount on our editing services.
  • An additional NT$0.5/word is charged if the uploaded file is a PDF.
  • The prices do not include tax.


  • Type:Chinese to English
  • Translator, Editor, Proofreader
  • General:NT$2.8/word
  • Urgent:NT$3.2/word


  • Type:English to Chinese
  • Translator & Proofreader
  • General:NT$2.8/word
  • Urgent:NT$3.2/word


  • If your paper exceeds 20,000 words, you will receive a 15% discount on our translation services.
  • The prices do not include tax.

Journal Service

  • Journal Submission:
  • If you use both our journal submission and formatting services for the same article, we offer you a discounted price of NT$6,000.
  • Summary Writing:
  • NT$1,500 for one abstract. The word count is not calculated into the price. (We determine the word count according to your target journal.)
  • Journal Formatting
  • Fewer than 10,000 words:NT$1,900/paper
  • 10,000 words or more:NT$2,900/paper
  • 20,000 words or more:Price calculated according to a different standard
  • Journal Selection:
  • NT$6,900

Trial Service

Trial Service
  • We provide a free trial translation service so that our customers can see the quality of our professional translators and editors for themselves.

    Send a document of up to 300 words to editing@editing.tw and indicate that you would like to submit the document for trial translation, or select “trial translation” in our document upload area and then upload the trial document. After using our trial service and viewing our translation and editing team in action, you may invite us to edit your complete article.


  • ATM/online: ATM transfer or over-the-counter payment: Bank: CTBC
  • Account Name:Wallace Academic Editing
  • Account Number:875-540-13366-2
  • Credit Card: VISA,Master
  • Paypal


  • We understand the unique nature of receiving funding for paper editing and translating from universities and research institutes. We provide legal receipts for the following items:

    Editing, training, translation, publishing, consulting, intellectual property, graphic design and layout, books, CDs, DVDs, typing, formatting, data processing, photocopying, product design

    We can further divide these receipts into several payments and mail you the receipts at different dates either before or after editing/translating, depending on your project or budget requirements. If you have a budget surplus that you would like to use in advance, we can issue you a receipt now and edit or translate your paper when you have one ready.

    Additionally, we can give you a receipt signed by an individual foreign editor if required by your school or institution. Please tell us which option best suits your needs.

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